Safety first!

In our online shop you can only pay for weed and hash  with Bitcoin . How so? Very easily! Bitcoin are anonymous and cannot be traced back.

Don’t have Bitcoin? Don’t know where to buy bitcoin or how to use it?

Buying Bitcoin is easy!

There are many providers where you can easily buy Bitcoin with various payment methods such as PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

For beginners we recommend a short verification you can easily buy Bitcoin there. Second, we recommend setting up a personal anonymous wallet. This is where you will keep your bitcoin. The Swiss provider , for example, is suitable for this . Due to the strict Swiss data protection law, your Bitcoin is safe there. You can log in immediately. If you now have your Bitcoin on your personal wallet, then you’re almost there. You finish your purchase in our shop and proceed to the checkout. You confirm “Payment with Bitcoin” Shortly thereafter, our wallet address and a QR code will be displayed. Send the corresponding amount to our address. Your package will be on its way to you a short time later.


Parcels are sent within a short time after receipt of payment with the normal post. For security reasons, we do not ship by express or registered mail!! We charge €10 for shipping. Shipping is free for orders over €400. Of course, we take great care to ensure that your weed is packaged and shipped discreetly and odorless. We are also happy to send your weed to your mailbox.