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You can easily buy professionally grown weed from our online weed shop and have it delivered to your home or to an address specified by us. Ordering cannabis online from us is quick and easy. Choose your cannabis and add it to your shopping cart. We send our marijuana discreetly by post or DHL. And why is that so easy. Because this is the safest strategy and has proven itself over the last few years. Our loss rate is 0% because we transport our marijuana invisibly and odorlessly.

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Weed Market is the  best marijuana shop to weed online , including high THC strains like indica, sativa and hybrid marijuana. You can now easily  order weed online from a verified online store here . The best thing about our  online marijuana shop at Hollands  is that you  can order marijuana online in Germany using a secure service . When you  BUY GANJA online from our shop in Germany , you can rest assured that your credit card or bank account details are safe with us. We always give priority to our customers and their private information. Our shop offers  high quality cannabis strains online along with THC vape oil cartridges, hash, budder, wax, cannabis oil, vape pen, marijuana concentrates, edibles and medical marijuana strains.

I’ve been ordering hash and marijuana buds in bulk from this vendor for the past few months and they have never disappointed me. I love the loyalty points system and the free gifts with every order.

Herr Mark

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First class customer care and professionalism. Package vacuum packed and discreet. All I can say is, in my experience, weed is good. Lemon Ice is my favorite. The THC level is high and the smoke is clean.


Holy shit balls what a strain, 2 little bong hits in the room I go, that’s a legendary strain, happy talkative, excited, happy all rolled into one, that’s a unicorn. Bravo goodvapeshop!!!

Lemon Ice